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I’m currently working on a wedding blog for two good friends of mine, Eric VanEpps and Emily Horton.  I went to University of Richmond with both of them, and as a wedding gift, they asked me to build them a full-blown custom wordpress blog.  It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve been crazy busy lately, but I just posted the landing page this afternoon.  Check it out by clicking the image below! With any luck the full site will be live in a few weeks.  That is — if I can figure out all of the code necessary to make it happen.

If all goes well in building this blog from scratch, expect full-scale redesigns of artferg.com and layferg.com in the near future!  Ideally, Artferg will eventually be restructured into a WordPress CMS so that updates to my portfolio can be more regular.  Besides, I’ve been learning a lot of new web design techniques while working at Key Web Concepts, so I’m eager to give my sites fresh new looks. (Photo credit Sarah Der Photography)


Photo Session: Groovin’ Gourmets @ Keswick Vineyards


Yesterday I had the opportunity to be Groovin’ Gourmet’s photographer at a wedding held in the beautiful Keswick Vineyards outside Charlottesville, VA.

What looked to be a disgusting, wet, cold day turned out to be a gorgeous, albeit chilly, autumn day in the rolling hills of the Virginia Piedmont. It was such a pretty venue and I had a blast. The food looked delicious too. A giant thanks goes to Anna Waddelove for having me fill in for her while she was out of town. I appreciated the opportunity =D

Here are a few sample photos from the event:


Layferg: A Blog on Christian Spirituality Questions

Supper at Emmaus Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Hey, so I started a simple blog where I’ll be posting about things that have been on my mind with regards to my Christian faith. I’ll be posting about my doubts, struggles, random tangents, and book/music reviews. It’s been a lot of fun already and I’m excited to see what happens with it. I encourage healthy debate, so if you have questions or issues with what I’m writing about, please don’t hesitate to call me out. I’m not perfect obviously, so please let your voice be heard. Thanks.

Follow along at:



Branching Out.


It’s been an eternity since I last updated my blog. Alas, I sincerely apologize to my non-existent online audience… I let you down. I promise it won’t happen again!

The main reason why I haven’t posted anything recently is that I’ve been reading a ton of books on theology. Making new artwork has taken an intentional backseat.

I’ve plowed through a significant portion of CS Lewis’ library, St. Augustine’s Confessions, a couple works by AW Tozer, and I’m currently on Martin Luther’s Bondage of the Will. As a Catholic, this last one has been especially entertaining. If I was alive in the 1500′s, I’d probably detest what the Catholic Church had become, too. Luther was a total badass to follow his conscience and rebel against it! Without him and other Reformers, the Catholic Church simply would not be what it is today, and I probably wouldn’t be Catholic.

All of this literature has made a very big impact on how I react to my successes, failures, blessings, and temptations — not to mention how I approach God and His word. There’s no doubt in my mind that this new attitude will inform future artwork, but for now I’m content to absorb as much as humanly possible. My desire to make art has not died, but I recognize that learning and preparing will in the end allow me to make better, more God-centered decisions on how/why I make art. I want to take an intentional step back from it and examine precisely what my motivations are in producing new work.

In the meantime, I recently began working as Web Designer and Graphic Designer for Key Web Concepts, based out of Chesterfield, VA. So far, it’s been a great learning experience and I’m really excited for the opportunity to build client relationships and further develop my design skills. My co-worker, J Ivy (jivygraphics.com), will be a great mentor and I’m stoked to see what else there is to learn.

As I complete jobs here at Key Web Concepts, I’ll post updates. I have attached below a simple logo I did for a Baptist church a couple days ago:


Ultimate Frisbee Jersey


Just finished up an ultimate frisbee jersey design for a fellow U of R alum! The team is called “Seven Minutes in Heaven.” From the looks of this chick, those seven minutes should get fairly interesting, if not sacrilegious!

Just a general reminder, I’m actively seeking freelance work, so if you dig this design and would like me to make you a logo, shirt design, website, or *GASP* an original piece of fine art, please click the email icon over there on the right sidebar. No project is too small! Thanks in advance!




Painting update


Tonight was an incredibly relaxing painting-session. I’ve found that praying while I paint breaks down some of my inhibitions and allows a more spontaneous/flowing rhythm. I will certainly explore this further. After all, my work is meant to be a means of worship. Where does our urge to produce and create an expression of ourselves originate if not the Divine? I give all credit and honor back to Him.

I also discovered that an ice cold Tecate with a slice of lime is a perfect painting buddy.

So in conclusion, God + beer = enjoyable art-making


Recent Designs n’ stuff


“You Get Numb Eventually.”


In light of the my recent studies deep in the African art wing at the VMFA, I’ve decided to shift gears on the painting I had been working on. I was totally stalled on that load of crap, anyways. I ended up having a BLAST this morning working on this new thing. It’s based heavily on a Kifwebe mask I sketched and posted in my last blog entry. I think it has somewhat of a graffiti look to it as well. I can already tell that this new groove I’ve found myself in meshes well with the R Crumb and Jim Woodring influences I’ve been exploring the last year and a half. I’m excited to see where it takes the work. Spiritually, this piece will confront the issue of complacency and what the difference is between submitting to God’s will and not using your talents and gifts to their fullest. How do you know when to let dreams fade in favor of fulfilling God’s will? Or is this angle just an illusion to keep us from pushing ourselves to the fullest potential and force us to settle for less than what God intends? It’s super confusing. More on that later.

Let me know what you think about this thang so far…


ArtWorks and VMFA Sketches


This is rather last minute, but I’ll be having three pieces in this month’s all-media show at ArtWorks Studios & Galleries. The show officially opens TOMORROW NIGHT at 7:30 PM with the reception going until 10:30 PM. Stop by if you want to see some local art! I’m definitely looking forward to it!

On a completely different note, I’ve recently started going to the VMFA to sketch. If you haven’t tried it, do it. It will be the best decision you ever make. All you need is a sketchbook, a pencil, and the nerve to go draw in public. I’ve been particularly drawn to (hur hur, no pun intended) their extensive and impressive assortment of African tribal masks and ceremonial headgear. These things are incredibly haunting and gorgeous. They totally capture a gritty essence of humanity that I admire so much in modern art. It’s no wonder Picasso was so inspired by them. Just check out his Demoiselles d’Avignon!

But really, these masks are so creative in such a counter-intuitive yet paradoxically natural way. Curves and protrusions are at first entirely abstract and inventive, then congeal into an entirely legible portrait. I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of these rooms. The amount of potential is massive.

I like to find something interesting and react to it. Whether it’s a particular facial structure, or the way a nose is curved or sloped… I’ll adapt an element and then build off of it in a really loose and spontaneous fashion. When I hit a roadblock and am not sure how to continue the figure, I’ll look at the mask or statue once again, and react to another element that I find curious. The resulting image both resembles the source of inspiration, yet contains moments of my own invention and improvisation.

It’s so relaxing, and I’m extremely grateful that the VMFA is right down the road! I can’t wait to see how these experiments surface in future cartoons and paintings.

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